Terry Jackson

After many years of searching and confirming his identity as a member of a modern Metis society as well as a mainstream one, Terry is now producing work that reflects this ability to move in and through the diverse cultures in inhabits.

Terry has made works from small to large in wood, clay and silver and continues to this day. He has been blessed with a gift and he wants to see it used to its full potential.

Born in Victoria, BC in 1955, Terry began his artistic education at the age of 16. Because he was passionate and driven to learn of the last century's Northwest Coast Native masters, he was accepted as a student into the Hunt family and worked with other famous carvers like John Livingston, Glen Rabena and Francis Home.

Among the many pieces of Terry's art that are in homes, business, and offices around the world, he has sold pieces to the late comedian and actor John Candy, actress Glen Close, actor Ed Asner, and Master Carver and designer Robert Davidson-Haida.