Sculpture Exhibition

About the Exhibition

An eclectic display of sculptures awaits the curious, as part of FEIART's exciting new exhibition hosted by Art Couture Gallery, which features the works of international award-winning spatial designers and installation artists Muchen Zhang and Yi Chen, globally acclaimed sculptor Parvaneh Roudgar and Gao Feng, and the youthfully inspired designer and multimedia artist Anyuta Gusakova.

The exhibition engages the audience with a variety of dynamics such as the blending of contemporary style with classical simplicity, designer toys, and abstract art. The five artists portray different senses of reality and beauty, and their works span a variety of genres that flow in the realm of contemporary art.

Both sculptors Gao Feng and Parvaneh Roudgar, who share a rich background in classical sculpture, surpass expectations to expand and encompass the dynamics of modern fluidity in their works that co-mingle with their traditions of ancient wisdom and draw on their strong cultural influences. Muchen and Yi Chen embrace their admiration of divine creativity to present the rich textures of life forms with a colourful release of life energy that captures their ideals of breaking free of restrictions, while the youthfully inspired creations of Anyuta Gusakova beckon the curious to revisit the playful aspects of our earlier years, which fired our imaginations.

Terry Jackson "Breath"

6.5'' × 3'' × 9''